SMALLRIG HDMI Cable Clamp 1822



HDMI Lock  สำหรับ cage
Sony A6000 A6300 รหัส 1661
Sony  A6500 รหัส 1889
Panasonic GH5 รหัส 1965


ราคา ฿ 850


Designer: Jeff Rock

SmallRig HDMI Cable Clamp 1822 can provide strain relief for HDMI cable where frequent tugging could cause damage to the camera. With only one screw to mount to the cage and lock the cable, it can save space for other accessories.

Compatible With:
SMALLRIG Sony A6300/A6000 ILCE-6000/ILCE-6300 Sony Nex-7 Cage 1661
SMALLRIG New Version Cage (SONY a7/ a7S/ a7R/ ILCE-7/7R/7S) 1620
SMALLRIG SONY a7/ a7S/ a7R/ Sony ILCE-7/7R/7S Cage 1633
SMALLRIG Sony A6500 Cage 1889
SmallRig GH5 Cage for PANASONIC Lumix GH5 1965

Key Features
Applicable to different HDMI cable
For use with various cage
Lock just use a 1/4"-20 screw

1x HDMI Clamp
1x 1/4" -20 Screw

Product Dimensions: 36.5x34x18mm
Net Weight: 22g
Package Size: 110x28x130mm
Package Weight: 28g
Material: Aluminum Alloy