SMALLRIG LWS Baseplate for Sony A6500 1934



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Designer: Allen Cary

SmallRig LWS Baseplate for Sony A6500 1934 is specially designed for Sony A6500 camera. It can be easily attached to the bottom of Sony A6500 cage 1889 with Arca dovetail on the top. The rod center to lens center is 85mm so that you can attach two 15mm rods to connect lens support, follow focus or matte box. The Lens adapter holder gives an effective protection for metabones, which can be adjusted within a certain range to fit different sizes of metabones. Besides, it includes 1/4’’ & 3/8’’ tripod mount threads on the bottom for Arca/Manfrotto QR plate attachment.

Note: This product is compatible with Metabones or other lens adapters that comes with 1/4" threaded holes only.

Key features:
1.Supports two 15mm Rods
2.The Lens center to the rod center is 85mm
3.1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 tripod mount threads to fit Arca/Manfrotto plate
4.Convenient and quick attachment and detachment

Sony A6500  Cage 1889